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Rest in Peace Micky Fitz – you will be missed!


„4 young lads were drinking in a pub called the Ship in Wardour Street London.
It was the heart of Soho, but also the home of the Marquee Club synonymous with countless names of great bands that had graced its stage. We were in the pub waiting for the doors to open at the nearby club so we could watch punk band Chelsea together with the up & coming Adicts. I´d known Gene October for sometime as a  face from the beginning of Punk and I´d always said to him that I would love to play the Marquee, however in those days there was a door restriction on Skinheads, unless they were known by the bouncers.
The Business fell into the allotted catagory and went to watch bands there on a regular basis. This night proved to be somewhat different in that about 8pm Gene burst in through the pub doors shouting that he´d got us a 15 minute slot between Chelsea and The Adicts.
How Gene managed to pull that one off remains a mystery, but to this day The Business were the only ever Oi band to play The Marquee which makes it even more apt that we were the last Oi band to play at CBGB`s. So the recorded bootleg that was unearthed by my mate Dom (East End Badoes) was due to Gene,Chelsea & The Adicts.
Cheers lads,“

Micky Fitz. 2007