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We are super happy to welcome Cutthroat to the family!

Inspired by the streets and surrounded by political, and religious chaos, CutthroatLA uses music as a platform to express the truths that the media hides.Using a mixture of hardcore, beatdown, 90s hip-hop and thrash as a canvas to express their feelings about this crazy world we live in, CutthroatLA is a band of brothers coming from different musical backgrounds to form a bond that can’t be broken.The band consists of the “Vinny Paul and Dimebag” of the hardcore world, Art Banura on drums, and Dan Banura on guitars. Jesse Gomez plays a ferocious bass while Neil Roemer delivers the message.With all members having a lengthy history in other bands touring the world for years, CutthroatLA was assembled after getting together to jam and everything clicked.

New additions to Cutthroat, Dan and Art, have a long history in Hardcore. Starting with creating Blood Stands Still and taking that band across the US many times as well as Europe while releasing albums on Spook City Records and Media Skare. Then touring in Donnybrook! and eventually performing on the seminal, “Lion’s In This Game” album. Later going on to assemble the beatdown project, Murder Death Kill, which toured the US numerous times as well as Canada and Japan. At one point, Dan briefly toured with First Blood. It’s safe to say Dan and Art have traveled many miles and months on the road.

Jesse Gomez picked up a bass guitar in 1984 and has never put it down. Playing in bands like Weedeeter, Urban Assault, Hydrophonix, and now Cutthroat LA. Gomez’s back ground is 90’s rap, punk, hardcore and thrash metal, dropping deep groves over beatdown riffs and blasting your chest with a brutal low end.

The founder of Cutthroat LA goes by the name of Neil Roemer. Neil has toured overseas fronting the OG LA hardcore/crossover legends, Downset along side bands like Madball, Agnostic Front, First Blood, and Biohazard to name a few. He started singing in bands in 1994 and hasn’t dropped the mic yet. In 2007 he formed the band Urban Assault. The 2 vocalist band from Los Angeles played along side many LA underground acts for years. Bands like, Hed PE, Madchild, fishbone, and more… Urban Assault parted ways in 2013 to pursue bigger things. Neil resides in Los Angeles California and is looking forward to a bright 2018 start with Cutthroat LA’s debut record.