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Napalm Death are a British extreme metal band formed in Meriden, West Midlands, England, in 1981. While none of its original members remain in the group, the lineup of vocalist Mark „Barney“ Greenway, bassist Shane Embury, guitarist Mitch Harris and drummer Danny Herrera has remained consistent for most of the band’s career.
Napalm Death are credited as pioneers of the grindcore genre by incorporating elements of crust punk and death metal, using a noise-filled sound that uses heavily distorted, down-tuned guitars, grinding overdrive bass, high speed tempo, blast beats, and vocals which consist of incomprehensible growls, or high-pitched shrieks, extremely short songs, fast tempos, and sociopolitical lyrics.

See NAPALM DEATH live here:

12.10.2022Santa CruzThe CatalystUnited StatesClick
13.10.2022San FranciscoGreat American Music HallUnited StatesClick
14.10.2022BendMidtown BallroomUnited StatesClick
15.10.2022SeattleShowbox SoDoUnited StatesClick
16.10.2022PortlandThe Bossanova BallroomUnited StatesClick
18.10.2022Salt Lake CityMetro Music HallUnited StatesClick
19.10.2022DenverBluebird TheaterUnited StatesClick
21.10.2022St. LouisRed FlagUnited StatesClick
22.10.2022ChicagoThalia HallUnited StatesClick
23.10.2022ClevelandGrog ShopUnited StatesClick
24.10.2022OFF DAYClick
26.10.2022AndalusiaBroken Goblet BrewingUnited StatesClick
27.10.2022BostonParadise Rock ClubUnited StatesClick
28.10.2022New YorkMusic Hall of WilliamsburgUnited StatesClick
29.10.2022New YorkThe Bowery BallroomUnited StatesClick
31.10.2022CarrboroCat’s CradleUnited StatesClick
01.11.2022Athens40 Watt ClubUnited StatesClick
03.11.2022OrlandoThe Social United StatesClick
04.11.2022TampaCrowbarUnited StatesClick
05.11.2022West Palm BeachRespectable StreetUnited StatesClick
07.11.2022BirminghamSaturnUnited StatesClick
08.11.2022LouisvilleHeadliners Music HallUnited StatesClick
09.11.2022NashvilleThe Basement EastUnited StatesClick
11.11.2022HoustonScout BarUnited StatesClick
12.11.2022San AntonioPaper TigerUnited StatesClick
13.11.2022AustinMohawk United StatesClick
14.11.2022DentonRubber Gloves Rehearsal StudioUnited StatesClick
16.11.2022El PasoRockHouse United StatesClick
17.11.2022AlbuquerqueSunshine TheaterUnited StatesClick
18.11.2022MesaNile TheaterUnited StatesClick
19.11.2022Los AngelesThe BelascoUnited StatesClick

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