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Furies is a power trio from Madrid playing an explosive cocktail of 60’s and 70’s-style music with simple Ramones-inflected bass and drums, powerful Status Quo rhythm guitar and colourful lead guitar which provide the foundation for a distinctive feminine vocal drawing its inspiration from black music.
Furies history starts in 2014 when Davide and Maria get together in Madrid and decide to form a rock band inspired by 70s Glam Rock groups like Slade and Suzi Quatro and Aussie Rock groups like Coloured Balls and Marcus Hook Roll Band.
In 2015, with their first drummer Victor, they recorded their first 7 inch single “Weer gonna have some fun” at Rome’s Green Mountain Audio studio, it was released on the Italian label Teenadelic Records. Following the recording, drummer Christopher Bongers, from the Paul Collins Beat Band, joined the band, bringing with him a style close to their own.
They arrived with a bang on the Spanish Rock and Roll scene opening gigs for Guida and Red Alert in Barcelona and The Rezillos in Madrid and followed these up playing in Italy for the release of their 7 inch “Weer gonna have some fun”.
In 2017 they went back to Rome to finish their eponymous debut album: „Furies“ which will be released jointly by Teenadelic Records in Italy and Contra Records in Germany.

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