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CONCRETE ELITE Concrete Elite started out 2012 in Austin,Tx just to have a reason for our friends to get together and have a good time. Now six years down the road we have released a couple EPs,numerous split EPs, been on a few compilation records and 2017 saw the release of our first LP titled „Iron Rose“ which made a few top 10 records lists for the year. We have had two great midwestern/east coast tours(2015 & 2017) under our belts and had an amazing two week European tour in 2016. Our main record label who has been with us since the eginning is Rebellion Records based out of the Netherlands so our response overseas is beyond our expectations.

We have shared the stage with all types of hardcore, punk, and oi bands anything from Integrity, Negative Approach, CroMags, Casualties, Rixe, Booze and Glory, H2O, Wisdom in Chains, Noi!se, Lions Law, The Beltones just to name a few, we seem to fit on any type of those shows. 2018 will see the release of a new 12″ep just in time for our second European tour, so we will be touring on the „Iron Rose“ LP and brand new EP.
Looking forward to giving Europe all we got.

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