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Channel 3 was formed in 1980 by childhood friend Mike Magrann and Kimm Gardener. They met in the newborn suburban community of Cerritos CA, innocent 8 year old lads lads who remain life long friends against a backdrop of ever changing cultural storms. They learned to play guitar together in junior high and witnessed the birth of punk rock in the heady Southern California scene of the early 80’s. They graduated from being obsessed fans to backyard party hacks and finally upon the stage themselves.

Contemporaries of fellow So Cal punks Social Distortion, Bad Religion, T.S.O.L., Circle Jerks, etc., CH3 has been steadily touring the world since releasing their first eponymous EP on the influential Posh Boy label in 1981.

Posh Boy then asked them to record a full-length album, Fear Of Life. Tracks like ‘You Make Me Feel Cheap’, with its peppy female backing and poppy arrangement, ostensibly betrayed inclinations towards securing a more mainstream audience

After The Lights Go Out was a more ‘mature’ effort, though interest in the UK had by now dissipated, whilst other former supporters were perturbed by the inclusion of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Stupid Girl’ and a shift away from the group’s .

Jay Lansford (ex-Stepmothers and Posh Boy production intern) joined on bass for the 1983 tour in support of After The Lights Go Out, and was present also for Airborne, as Channel 3 were scooped up, alongside peers TSOL, by Enigma. But they got lost in the shuffle after Capitol bought the label out.

They returned to form with 2002’s Channel 3 album on the Doctor Strange label and put out a collection of singles with Hostage Records, collected on Home For the Homeless album (Wanda Records DE, 2015)

Their latest release, Put ‘Em Up (TKO Records 2017) sees the reunion of several long time CH3 conspirators. Past Channel 3 member and Posh Boy house producer Jay Lansford returned to produce. Jim Monroe of Racket Room Studios engineered and mixed the songs, and Mark Rainey relaunced the venerable TKO record label with this new release. Seve Soto (Adolescents) lends his sweet backing vocal charms. It is a homecoming on all fronts.

The band continues to tour worldwide, performing club dates and festivals in the USA and Europe.

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