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Billy The Kid is a hardcore punk/metal and hip hop band originally from San Jose, Costa Rica. Founded in the year 2008.

The band’s concept and most of its lyrical content is inspired from the “Straight edge” ideology of healthy living and restraint from any alcohol, tobacco or drug consumption. These ideals go hand in hand with respect, tolerance and no prejudice towards those who don’t live up to those same standards.
Billy The Kid is known for its highly energetic live shows, the odd mix of hip hop and reggae with heavy breakdowns and fast tempo songs provide the world with a unique and rare product. Their shows give out a strong tropical Latin American identity in a context where it’s not common to see these influences. They are very keen to emphasize their Costa Rican heritage both in their songs and in their graphic design. Such mixture is what has kept them working in an environment largely dominated by other “darker” trends.

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