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Founded in 2011 in the South West of Germany, Additional Time stands for passion, attitude and values. Raw, aggressive and unique, with a live show bursting with energy, they cannot be compared to other bands bloating the scene.

In their songs, angry, massive shouts, converge with heavy, ferocious riffs, creating their rough and powerful sound.


See ADDITIONAL TIME live here:

20.06.2020 CopenhagenUnderwerketDNK+Subzero & Additional Time
21.06.2020 HamburgMonkeys Music ClubGER+Subzero & Additional Time
22.06.2020Bielsko-BialaRude BoyPOL+Subzero & Additional Time
24.06.2020 Székesfehérvár Nyolcas MühelyHUN+Subzero & Additional Time
26.06.2020 Ferrara Circolo BlackstarITA+Subzero & Additional Time
27.06.2020 KasselGoldgrubeGER+Subzero & Additional Time
28.06.2020 SaarbrückenReality BitesGER+Subzero & Additional Time
29.06.2020 Zurich Werk 21CHE+Subzero & Additional Time
30.06.2020 Lyon Warm AudioFRA+Subzero & Additional Time
01.07.2020 Rennes Le Jardin ModerneFRA+Subzero & Additional Time
02.07.2020Geleen Cafe De MeisterNLD+Subzero & Additional Time
03.07.2020 London Amersham ArmsGBR+Subzero & Additional Time
04.07.2020 Yper Ieper FestivalBEL+Subzero & Additional Time
05.07.2020 Darmstadt Oetinger VillaGER+Subzero & Additional Time
31.07.2020Aarschot Revelation FestBEL+ Morning Again & Additional Time
01.08.2020Geleen Café De MeisterNLD+ Morning Again & Additional Time
01.08.2020Essen Don't PanicGER+ Morning Again & Additional Time
02.08.2020London Amersham ArmsGBR
07.10.2020SolothurnKulturfabrik KofmehlCHE+ Shutdown & Additional Time
08.10.2020LyonRock n'EatFRA+ Shutdown & Additional Time
09.10.2020BochumDie TrompeteGER+ Shutdown & Additional Time
10.10.2020LondonReady FestGBR+ Shutdown & Additional Time
11.10.2020GeleenCafé De MeisterNLD+ Shutdown & Additional Time
12.10.2020WiesbadenSchlachthofGER+ Shutdown & Additional Time

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