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Are you ready for the total destruction? Stillbirth is coming like a tsunami and will smash your ears after a few seconds. Nasty Blastbeats, heavy grooves and sick slams combined with the
stageenergy of 10 raging Bulls. Get your beachshorts on because it’s surftime. With a blunt in one Hand and a girl on the back through the storm. Total madness is awaiting you.

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22.05.2020Röbel/ MüritzFuck The Commerce XIVGER
23.05.2020KirchdorfBavarian Battle Open AirGER
28.05.2020Drachten IdunaNLD+ Misery Index
29.05.2020OsnabrückBastard ClubGER
31.05.2020Utrecht dB'sNLD+ Misery Index
19.06.2020Červený KostelecCzech DeathfestCZE
19.09.2020KasselRed Fall FestivalGER
03.10.2020Lichtenfells Way Of Darkness FestGER

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