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RYKERS: Back in the studio!

Germany’s RYKERS will finally enter the studio in December.

According to founding member and bassplayer Chris the album will be titled: ‚The Beginning…” and right now we plan to have 14 songs on it, totally mixing up old-school hardcore, punk rock, metal and our well known NYHC edge. We are going to record at Andy Classen’s (ex-Holy Moses) Stage One Studio and will release the album (April/May 2019) on Beatdown Hardware Records (BDHW). I`m pretty much looking forward to record the new tunes and I am sure a lot of people will be surprised. With our newly added guitar player Steve (who formerly played in the German thrash outfit EROSION) we definitely added some more brutal riffing to the band… stay tuned!”

22.11.2019St. BrieucInkmas PartyFRA
07.12.2019EssenDon't PanicGER
27.12.2019DresdenChemiefabrikGERBorn From Pain, Slope
28.12.2019InnsbruckLivestageAUTBorn From Pain, Slope
29.12.2019JenaF-HausGERBorn From Pain, SlopeClick
30.12.2019KasselMusiktheaterGERBorn From Pain, Slope