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Punk & Disorderly Festival 2021


UPDATE 20.04.2020


Dear Punxs,

we want to give you an update.

After the government in Germany cancelled the big shows till August 31th, we have to pospone the Punk & Disorderly 2020 till next year!


The next edtion will be 21.-23. May 2021.

Ticket holders can keep their tickets. They will remain VALID for the next Punk & Disorderly 2021!


We hope to see you all next year and to celebrate our favourite festival together!

Stay safe and healthy,


Punk & Disorderly Team

COVID-19 UPDATE 08.04.2020

Dear Punxs,

we hope you’re fine and in a good health.

We want to give you an update for the PUNK & DISORDERLY 2020! Thanks for being so patient.

The government in Germany shutdown all shows/clubs till the 19th of April and we are sure, that the shutdown will be longer than the 19th April. The current dramatic and worldwide situation leads us to the point, where we don’t think to continue with the event in any capacity.

We are in contact with all bands to save the LINE UP for the next year – we are just waiting for one last band to give you more information about the Festival!

We have been working with all our powers on a possible postponement of this edition but it seems like there’s no other way, so we will come back in 2021 of Punk & Disorderly Festival Berlin! We hope this gives you as much hope about the future as it does to us! We will inform you about the exact dates for our 2021 edition as soon as possible!

Ticket holders can keep their tickets. They will remain VALID for the next Punk & Disorderly 2021!

Of course you can also return them and get your money back if you can’t make it to the 2021 edition but now, more than ever, we would need your solidarity and would be thankful for your support by keeping your tickets.

Stay safe and healthy, better times will come and we will all rock again,

Punk & Disorderly Team


Are you ready for the one and only MAD Festival Punk & Disorderly 2020 ?!

  • 3 Days
  • 20 Bands
  • Outdoor Area
  • Food + Drinks
  • Vendors
  • Aftershowparty same venue