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We are very happy to welcome Scarboro to the MAD Family

SCARBORO is a hardcore punk band from Brooklyn, New York. The current line-up is Shi Heng Shi
(pronounced SH-ur HUNG SH-ur) on guitar and vocals, Jack “Super Nerd” Counce on bass and vocals, and
Vinny Alva, formerly of Murphy’s Law, on drums.
Formed in 2012, SCARBORO specializes in short catchy punk rock delivered with a hardcore edge. While
they wear their influences on their sleeves, their take on the classics have endeared them to fans of
punk and hardcore alike.
The band was originally formed as Uncontrolled by Shi and an old college friend on bass, with J.T. Turret
(A.S.O.B., Sprout) on drums. They leaned heavily on their punk influences, with bands like the Ramones
and Minor Threat easily heard on their early self released E.P.s. A name and lineup change later,
Scarboro was born.
The addition of Jack Counce on bass in 2014 solidified the core of the group, and work immediately
began on what would become the band’s debut L.P., “Here Comes the Hangover”, which was well
received by critics in America and Europe, and most importantly by the fans. The L.P. saw Scarboro fans
coming to shows along the East Coast and Midwest. From blast beat in your face classic NYHC, to a
more subdued radio friendly power ballad, HCTH showcased the band’s range of influences and ability
to tackle heady subjects like addiction, death and mental health to tongue-in-cheek, self aware songs
like Cliché I Know, with a fierce intensity that leaves listeners hitting play again as soon as they finish
their first listen.
Scarboro draws inspiration from New York City Hardcore, East Bay punk, and the classics to deliver
edgy, raw, and fast songs inspired by feeling alive, mental health issues, and a desire to overcome the
struggle. Through it all, the band remains a fun and in your face experience that lets the music do the
talking. SCARBORO’s unique blend of punk and hardcore has allowed them to comfortably perform in
front of seasoned hardcore veterans to younger 90s punk loving fans alike.