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Formed in 1985, by singer/bassist Mem V. Stein and guitarist Ray Mensh, EXUMER went on to release two albums in 1986 (Possessed by Fire), and 1987 (Rising from the Sea), that are regarded as some of the most cult thrash metal releases ever to come out of Germany. EXUMER was also one of the first thrash metal acts to capture exotic, foreign markets like Poland and Brazil, where their albums were domestically released in the 1980s. The subsequent tours that followed those releases secured the band live shows in front of thousands of fans and an unusually large
following outside of Germany.

See EXUMER live here:

29.11.2019WeinheimCafe CentralGERPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
30.11.2019HagenKultopiaGERPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
01.12.2019Saarbrücken GarageGERPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
02.12.2019Erfurt From HellGERPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
03.12.2019BerlinSO36GERPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
04.12.2019WiesbadenSchlachthof GERPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
05.12.2019WienViper RoomAUTPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
06.12.2019ChamLAGERPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
07.12.2019Lindau Club VaudevilleGERPripjat, Reactory, Übergang
08.12.2019HannoverCafe GlockseeGERPripjat, Reactory
10.12.2019BraunschweigKufa HausGERPripjat, Reactory
11.12.2019HamburgMonkey'sGERPripjat, Reactory
12.12.2019KasselGoldgrubeGERPripjat, Reactory
14.12.2019RostockMau ClubGERPripjat, Reactory