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Returning to the scene in 2019, after being down and out for a couple of years, Desolated are a fierce and aggressive band meant to be seen live. Hitting the early part of 2019 with ‚a new realm of misery‘, this is one band that are to be seen live at any opportunity.

See DESOLATED live here:

08.11.2019EislebenOLOC Festival+ EASY MONEYGER
09.11.2019UnterthalStärbruch Festival+ EASY MONEY and moreGER
10.11.2019HannoverLux+ EASY MONEYGER
11.11.2019DortmundTyde+ EASY MONEYGER
12.11.2019RoeselareDe Verlichte Geest+ EASY MONEYBEL
13.11.2019ParisGibus+ EASY MONEYFRA
14.11.2019WeinheimCafé Central+ EASY MONEYGER
15.11.2019TrierLuck's Luke+ EASY MONEYGER
16.11.2019LondonNew Cross Inn+ EASY MONEYGBR
17.11.2019ManchesterRebellion Bar+ EASY MONEYGBR
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