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Blood For Betrayal is a four piece hardcore band from southwest Germany. What began in early 2012 as a double fronted mix between hardcore , hip hop and metal has turned into something darker and heavier over time. After two EP’s, one album, countless shows and tours all over europe and an internal change on the vocals they finally found the sound they can identify with. The sound they want to do without the need to fullfill the requierements of a particular genre. Just dark, heavy and hard hitting music.

They are currently working on their next fulllength album coming in 2019 and planing some tours over europe later this year. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for what is coming from Blood For Betrayal and give them a chance to change your view.



01.11.2019Fontaine L' EvequeMCP Apache+ NO ZODIACBEL
02.11.2019GardelegenJugendclub Mood+ NO ZODIACGER
03.11.2019BarcelonaSala Upload+ NO ZODIACESP
04.11.2019MadridWurlitzer Ballroom+ NO ZODIACESP
05.11.2019Basque CountryPlaza Beltza+ NO ZODIACESP
07.11.2019DresdenChemiefabrik+ NO ZODIACGER
08.11.2019ChurdimR-Klub+ NO ZODIACCZE
09.11.2019EislebenOLOC Festival+ NO ZODIACGER
10.11.2019MunichBackstage+ NO ZODIACGER
11.11.2019DortmundTyde+ NO ZODIACGER
12.11.2019RoeselareDe Verlichte Geest+ NO ZODIACBEL
13.11.2019ParisGibus Club+ NO ZODIACFRA
14.11.2019RennesMondo Bizarro+ NO ZODIACFRA
15.11.2019TrierMergener Hof+ NO ZODIACGER
17.11.2019ManchasterRebellion Bar+ NO ZODIACGBR
18.11.2019LondonNew Cross Inn+ NO ZODIACGBR
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